Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Top 4 JavaScript libraries

Around 1.5B people are talking about the World Cup in these days. Despite the bad game that Italy played against the US last Saturday I'm glad to see many of you cheering for Italy on Thursday to beat the Czech Republic so that US can make it to the second round.

But enough about futbol... for now...

Dan Webb has written an article on what he considers, rightfully so, the top 4 JavaScript libraries:
1) Dojo
2) Prototype
3) Mochikit
4) Yahoo UI library

To see which one wins you'll have to watch all the games, ehm...., read the whole article but he has some good points:

  • Prototype is the most comprehensively documented library and probably widespread
  • Prototype offers a wealth of add-on libraries such as scriptaculous, Rico and Behaviour
  • For smaller projects, the decoupled design and fully-featured components of YUI may well be a big plus
  • Dojo is the daddy of the bunch... focus on performance, ... Widget implementation has enormous potential for building complex Uis
  • Mochikit is by far the most well designed and well though out of the four but documentation is a bit thin